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Fasm Creative Battle I


Periodically Fasm Creative hosts Live graffiti battles. The purpose is to encourage artists to progress. Progress only happens when we are challenged.


These battles have been so much fun! We have a live DJ(DJ Dsern) and a family-friendly environment. The battles last the good part of a Saturday with an amazing end result.

Or first battle was in 2014. This was a name changer battle, meaning that the artists all swaps names. Graffiti artists get very comfortable with the letters in their own name. Their challenge was to paint someone else's name randomly drawn from a hat.


Graffiti legend Crayone was one of the judges on the panel. Two of the competing artists said that this was the first time their kids got to watch them paint graffiti. That alone made this entire event worth the effort! An amazing trophy was made by Dennis Allison of SOTC. The first place trophy and over $200 of spray paint and merchandise went to Timber of Lords crew and Rail Rats from Fresno California.

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