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   I've networked with hundreds of artists. Each with unique styles and favorite subject matters. This network has brought about 2 specific opportunities that I thoroughly enjoy... Curating murals and curating mural festivals!

Curating Murals:
   This began by having clients ask for murals of subjects and styles that I knew other artists loved and would throw their full passion into. Analogy: Many times it's like matching a jazz musician with a jazz festival vs twisting his arm to play a country music festival. Every time the client and artist are beyond thrilled by the process and outcome. Making these connections brings me so much joy!

Curating Mural Festivals:
   Mural Festivals breath new life into communities in several ways. Success stories are now in every country. The festivals bring fresh Identity, visual sign of growth, hope for young creatives of any career path, and cool shops want to open in the district or area. That's after the fun and intrigue of the festival itself! Please reach out to me if your city needs this type of boost.


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