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Fasm Creative Battle is a mural festival that operates like an art competition. It has been a growing annual event that, for the first time this year, is partnering with local organizations and businesses to create Modesto’s first large-scale mural festival, with the intention of becoming an annual event and one day, populating the city with art installations. It will take place Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th in downtown Modesto. This year, seven mural artists will each paint a mural on the alley-facing wall of Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery as a permanent art installation. This is a highly-visible and often-visited wall from 10th Street, a main street in downtown Modesto.


Fasm Creative Battle is bringing seven world-renowned artists from all over the globe to Modesto, California. Hailing from San Francisco, Sacramento, Texas, Guatemala, Korea and New Zealand, these artists will battle it out on a giant wall in downtown Modesto, yielding seven adjacent murals that will add interest and value to our city.

You can see the work of these seven different artists on Instagram by searching the following handles:  

Combined, our 7 artists have a total of 86,000+ followers on Instagram!


In order to bring these world-renowned artists, corporate sponsors are needed to assist with the costs associated with travel and accommodations, production, materials, permits, and more. Each sponsored artist will wear a professionally designed T-shirt with their sponsor’s logo. Companies can represent their favorite artist with matching shirts during the event. Sponsor logos will be used on all social media marketing in printed materials. Sponsors will be thanked and mentioned over the mic at the event. Sponsor's names will also be added on the mural wall’s sponsor list section.



Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th. Fasm Creative Battle will launch at DoMo First Friday and Music in the Plaza, two partnered events on 10th Street which draw 1,500 visitors over the course of the evening.  


The mission of Fasm Creative Battle is to encourage Modesto to become a more art-centric community. Public art creates community pride as well as a sense of belonging and ownership.  It makes spaces more beautiful and interesting, can act as graffiti and vandalism abatement, and can even increase commerce in areas where art is prolific by attracting more visitors and patrons. Public art encourages creative expression which creates a culture of creative solutions, providing opportunities for all sorts of community engagement and local economic growth. . There is so much talent in our city! It's time to celebrate and support that creativity, and this event hopes to jump-start that momentum with the support of the global arts community. This is your opportunity to be a part of not only a local but also global movement!

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