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What We Do


  Fasm Creative wants to help you visually communicate to the world who you are. We help companies figure out what the persona of their company is, and how that should visually be portrayed. Your branding is your tux to the prom. Get out of that stained Tshirt, cut-offs, and flip-flops with socks that you say "works". Consistency is key in branding and identity. We keep that in mind as we create logos, graphic design, photography, websites, retail environments, and murals. If you need a sophisticated presence that represents your company in all facets or any of our specialties, please give us a call.

The Founder


   I grew up drawing. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t producing some sort of art. There is a strong drive in me to express my thoughts and ideas visually. It’s just who I am.

   As a young adult, I worked in local sign shops learning the graphics platforms and other valuable concepts I would later build on and utilize in my work as a graphic artist. I also worked as a cartographer and spent years as a freelance artist using graphics programs prior to my hire at 5.11 in 2006. I was the number two graphic designer at 5.11 Tactical for six years. During that period, the company's revenue grew from 40 million to over 200 million per year.

   Every day I continue to learn more. I’ve picked up various tools including video editing, packaging design, 3D, etc. Graffiti art is a huge part of who I am. Although I didn’t start out practicing it in a productive way, I would be considered by some a pioneer of authentic legal graffiti. My craft has led me to travels throughout the states, painting commissioned murals including a video project with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in North Carolina. Once I was commissioned to paint and install a 72’ mural for a corporate summit at Facebook HQ which hosted a group of the nation's top marketing executives and keynote speaker, Tony Hawk.
   I thank God for the friends and family I have and strive to be more concerned about others and less about myself. I continue to work at this and look for opportunities to surround myself with art and artistic people.

Aaron Vickery "Fasm"

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