Fasm Creative has over 20 years' experience designing and painting custom murals. We have painted murals in 5 countries, over 12 U.S. states and numerous California cities in locations ranging from churches, schools, businesses, homes, and public walls. If you are interested in beautifying the space at your location with a unique mural, please contact us to schedule a conversation or an on-site consultation. Check out some of our murals...


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Your logo and identity tell the world how to view you or your business. These are important elements and should not be taken lightly. Trust Fasm Creative to help you create and develop the best representation for your image! 

The mission of Fasm Creative Battle is to encourage Modesto to become a more art-centric community. Public art creates community pride as well as a sense of belonging and ownership.  It makes spaces more beautiful and interesting, can act as graffiti and vandalism abatement, and can even increase commerce in areas where art is prolific by attracting more visitors and patrons. Public art encourages creative expression which creates a culture of creative solutions, providing opportunities for all sorts of community engagement and local economic growth. . There is so much talent in our city! It's time to celebrate and support that creativity, and this event hopes to jump-start that momentum with the support of the global arts community. This is your opportunity to be a part of not only a local but also global movement!